Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When Notorious Styles takes over NYFW!!!

New York Fashion Week comes around twice a year and I had the pleasure of being invited by one of RVA's very own designers to come and support and them and blog about their show. Even though this trip was all about business, it was hard not to add some play into the mix while visiting one of my favorite places (more like a second home). This trip was different this time around, not only because it was my first time attending NYFW but I went with friends instead of family and I had the chance to really explore NY. As much as I love the subway, I came to realization that I am NOT about that life. Usually, when I come to the city its by car but we decided to walk and I did about over 18,000 steps each day from walking. I know its a lot, but it was great even after swollen ankles. There were so many people I got to meet that were from RVA who came up to support the same designers that I was there for. Check out the following post for my review of the designers showcase!

- Love Chy 

Saturday Night's Fashion Show

My Good Friend Michael
Romper from H&M

This day I decided to be chill because my feet was hurting from all the walking in heels and flats but also my allergies were terrible in New York, so on this day we used this day to shop, eat and I went to go hang out with my mother in law lol.

Chy, Matthew and Michael
PSA: I styled my friends :)

As Always Stay Classy

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