Friday, August 12, 2016

SIX MUST HAVE Plus Size Clothing Sites

As a full figured woman, I sometimes find it difficult to shop for myself when I head to the mall with my friends. Unless there's a Forever 21 or some random store like Rue 21 that sells plus size clothing that are actually cute, I usually come out with a bag from MAC or Sephora or something like that because nothing ever fits me. So, I resorted to online shopping. Not just because I hate trying on clothes (don't act like you bring your spanx or wear your best bra everywhere you go), but because for some reason, online stores provide more options. That being said, I made the decision to go on the hunt for some AFFORDABLE plus size clothing websites because everyone is entitled to life, love and the pursuit of a dope ass outfit without breaking the bank. A lot of us are in full fledged adult-mode and have more responsibilities than money which is why this was so important for me to create. Here are the top six, with corresponding links to make sure that you and some random girl arent in the same dress every single time you see her out. Here's to diversity and keeping money in your pocket. 

1. Target: Yes, Target. Target has some pretty amazing fashions and can be found within a 10 mile radius of almost every major city. Their online site provides for more options and easier navigation, especially if your target store gets a little busy during your shopping times. 

2. AGACI: This site is super trendy and super affordable. Before you know it, your cart will be full of goodies that you can wear for a night out or a trip to the mall or beach. 

3. Forever 21: Everyone's favorite store. Your go to when you have a last minute event and nothing is working. Be careful though, sometimes if you get overzealous, you'll be sure to have an outfit twin on your night out.

4. Rainbow. Yeah I said it, Rainbow. You can visit a store or their website and you will walk out with SOMETHING. While I was pregnant and now three years later, I still run to them for a quick maxi dress or a banging top. Don't sleep on them. 

5. GS Love: This website has all different types of plus size clothing and they're all poppin. With a dress for every occasion, they don't hold back with bringing the sexy into your full figured wardrobe. 

6. 599 Fashion: 599 Fashion is exactly what it sounds like, fashion starting at 5.99! This one is self explanatory! Add it to your favorites! 

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