Monday, August 15, 2016

Natural Crush Monday: Shanise Robinson

Please state your name and how long you’ve been natural for our readers.
Social Media Handles?
Hair type?
My name is Shanise and I've been natural for almost six lonnnng years. When I first started out being natural I transitioned for a few then did a big chop in October 2010. I am 28 years old & my hair type is a fabulous 4C! It's pros and cons to having 4C hair but I wouldn't trade my hair for anything in this world. You can follow my hair journey on my IG page @4c_nisey or on snapchat @shanise.nicole

 Did you transition or big chop and why?
What are your top 3, can’t live without products?
My top three favorite hair products are Garnier Fructis  leave in conditioner, JBCO, and Lotta Body Hair Milk. I cannot live without those products they always leave my hair so moisturized. 

Do you have a favorite brand?
Do you have a favorite natural hair blogger/vlogger? What made you follow them?
My favorite hair product brand is Shea Moisture.

My favorite natural hair blogger is @themariaantoinette! I started following her after watching several of her YouTube videos. She is just BOMB all around. Her hair and makeup be on pint and she is also very encouraging and uplifting.

What’s the craziest natural hair myth you’ve ever heard?
I haven't even heard any natural hair myths which is pretty strange now that I think about it lol.

Describe your natural hair journey using only song titles. (Please limit your list to three)
Three Songs
"Always be my baby" Mariah Carey 
"Glamorous" Fergie
"Hate that I love you" Neyo & Rhianna 

Choosing to embrace the “natural you” isn’t always easy. What do you know now about natural hair that you wish you would have known when you first made that huge decision?
I wish that I would have known that shrinkage is a GOOD thing it means you have healthy hair. I hate that my hair was always shrunk to my head and I felt truly bald but over these past months I've learned to embrace it.

If you can provide advice for anyone that is thinking of transitioning or doing a big chop, what would you tell them?

My advice to all my naturals that are afraid of the "BIG CHOP just "DO IT" it's only hair and it will grow back stronger and better than before !

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