Monday, August 22, 2016

Natural Crush Monday: India Hicks

Please state your name and how long you’ve been natural for our readers.
India Hicks, my whole  life!
Social Media Handles? @CallMeLoveli on IG, Twitter, and Snapchat
Age? 22
Hair type? 3c

Did you transition or big chop and why? I’ve had many different long lasting styles. When I was 5 all the way up until my 9thgrade year of high school I had dreadlocks that were about 30 inches long. I didn’t cut them, I took the time required to take them out. It was a long process I cut about 5 inches off and started all of my ends before finally paying someone to take them out. Since then my last big chop was in November 2014, I got a fire red Bob which I really miss. Now that my hair is past shoulder length again I think I’m going to attempt a pixie cut. It’ll grow back eventually!

What are your top 3, can’t live without products?
Shea Butter and Tea-Tree Oil Moisturizer by Organics
Wen hair conditioner I use to co-wash my hair
Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme mositurizer

Do you have a favorite brand?
I love Miss Jessie’s she’s pricey but since I’ve started my healthy hair journey it’s worked wonders for keeping my hair moist and shiny throughout the day.
Do you have a favorite natural hair blogger/vlogger? What made you follow them?
Not particularly I see stuff on Facebook that I’d try sometimes but I don’t watch anyone religiously for hair advice.
What’s the craziest natural hair myth you’ve ever heard?
That my hair is somehow dirty because it’s in an afro.

Describe your natural hair journey using only song titles. (Please limit your list to three)
Video Girl –India Arie
Crazy In Love – Beyonce
Unwritten _ Natasha Bedingfield

Choosing to embrace the “natural you” isn’t always easy. What do you know now about natural hair that you wish you would have known when you first made that huge decision?
I know that my mother always taught me to love myself, and in America it seems to be a trend that is you’re a Black woman changing features about yourself is going to make you more socially excepted. I get a weave sometimes, so I’m not saying they’re bad. But recently I’ve seen videos of “Weave Queens” who always have a different sew-in and now have no edges! It’s really horrible to see that someone would neglect the care of what God gave them in the first place.
If you can provide advice for anyone that is thinking of transitioning or doing a big chop, what would you tell them? Just Do It! Like Nike.

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