Monday, August 8, 2016

Natural Crush Monday: Courtney Coleman

Please state your name and how long you’ve been natural for our readers.
My name is Courtney and I just had my 6-year natural anniversary on Saturday August 6th!

Social Media Handles?
Follow me! IG: @Ceebad Snap: @Ceebad2 (who on earth would steal my handle) Twitter: Ceebad


Hair type?
I don’t really hair type because my hair just does its own thing but if I had to I would say 3c/4a

Did you transition or big chop and why?
I can’t really say I transitioned. It had been about 4 months since I had gotten a relaxer before I got some braids and protective style for the summer like I usually do. My mom decided to big chop and that gave me the encouragement to do so. I big chopped at the end of the summer after I took out my micros.

What are your top 3, can’t live without products?
I cant live without a leave in conditioner, edge control and twisting butter.

Do you have a favorite brand?
I’m a total product junkie and love to support small biz. I love to try new products and different lines, but the line I cant live without is the mane choice.  I love all of her products. I also love twisted and beyond’s The antidote and Shea moistures low porosity line right now.

Do you have a favorite natural hair blogger/vlogger? What made you follow them?
I’ve been pretty consistent with my bloggers. I love iknowlee, beautifulmorgan, JanelleStewart, thenaturalchica, thechicnatural and heycurlie. I follow them all for various reasons but each girl has great hair and style. Their channels and social media channels/handles really show who they are. 

What’s the craziest natural hair myth you’ve ever heard?
The craziest natural hair myth I heard was using Monistat helps your hair grow.

Choosing to embrace the “natural you” isn’t always easy. What do you know now about natural hair that you wish you would have known when you first made that huge decision?
Honestly going natural was an easy transition for me. It really brought me closer to myself and allowed me to show my personality through my hair. I wish I had gone natural much much sooner. I also want my hair to be as healthy as possible; besides, you can always wear protective styles until you are comfortable.

If you can provide advice for anyone that is thinking of transitioning or doing a big chop, what would you tell them?
I would tell them to just do it. Its just hair. You can always go back to your relaxer and your hair will always grow back. I personally think its easier to big chop. Having a lot of natural hair can be hard to deal with at times, its a lot easier to learn your hair and see what works for you when its shorter and more manageable. 

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