Monday, July 11, 2016

Fashion Crush Monday: London of LondonCouture

State your name in any variation and occupation(s) for our readers.
*London of LondonCouture
How can they reach you? 
*Fb: London Couture
* IG:londonrcouture 

We know you’re a fashion stylist but are you making plans to branch out?
I am actually a womenswear couture designer with expertise in formal to casual wear

Any events coming up that you would like to share?
Slay Season Fashion show Aug. 14th @ 6pm Peter Paul Center hosted by Erico Jordan

Fashion Crush Monday is a new segment we’re starting and we are so ecstatic that you agreed to be a part of this movement. Most people say being fashionable is something that you’re born with and later learn to cultivate and master. What’s your oldest fashion memory and why did it make such an impact on you?
 My oldest fashion memory was starting fashion school! It was a life changing experience. It was life changing because it took my dream and made it a reality! 

Describe your style in three words.
innovative edgy daring

Most stylists have a specific season that they love to style for, what’s yours and why? 
Fall because it allows for draping and laying but not too cold for showing a little skin! 

Favorite designer? How do they inspire you? 
Chanel, the dated styles and elements he caries through his collections are always breathtaking and relevant. 

As we grow in the industry, fashion is constantly evolving but somehow seems to recycle old trends and styles from previous decades and time frames. If you had a choice of recycling a specific form of fashion from the past, what would it be and how would you recreate it?
 I would recreate lace to be more mainstream in menswear 
In a world filled with people who are in the exact same line of work as you are, what sets you apart? 
what sets me apart is my ability to see beyond the typical eye. 

If you could speak to your 16 year old self and tell them anything, what would it be? 
Never allow the inexperienced to tell you want you can't do. 

In 5 years, where do you think your passion will take you? 
Beyond my wildest dreams!! 

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