Monday, June 20, 2016

Fashion Crush Monday: Oneika Bristol

State your name in any variation and occupation(s) for our readers.
Oneika Bristol aka OneikasCloset stay at home mom of 3 and married. Army Veteran served for 8.5 years discharged on medical. Just finished my bachelors degree in general management.

  How can they reach you?
You can reach me at IG:OneikasCloset Twitter: @oneikastyle

I style anyone women, men and children.

  Any events coming up that you would like to share?
Yes I and another stylist are planning a Shop My closet event in Aug 2016 so stay tuned for that and follow my pages for flyer for date/time.

Fashion Crush Monday is a new segment we’re starting and we are so ecstatic that you agreed to be a part of this movement. Most people say being fashionable is something that you’re born with and later learn to cultivate and master. What’s your oldest fashion memory and why did it make such an impact on you?

My oldest fashion memory is watching my mom as a little girl in how she dressed and she always SLAYED and looking back at my pictures she kept me so stylish as well and that impacted me so much that I love fashion with a passion.

Describe your style in three words.
My style in three words is : daring,bold and unique

What is it like being an ambassador for ShoeDazzle? What’s your favorite shoe they have right now?  
I really don't have a favorite season to style for because i really like every season from knee high boots, sneakers to the sandals love every season when styling!

Favorite designer? How do they inspire you?
To tell you the truth I really don't have a particular designer that is my favorite. I really love fashion and I like pieces from each designer that's out there honestly. What every catches my eye it doesn't matter who that designer is. I guess this is because I really wasn't into all that name brand growing up I just like clothes if it look good and fits my style I love it and most likely will get it!

·      You are quite the fashionista and we commend you for your bold and unique choices. As we grow in the industry, fashion is constantly evolving but somehow seems to recycle old trends and styles from previous decades and timeframes. If you had a choice of recycling a specific form of fashion from the past, what would it be and how would you recreate it?
I love this question! I love every decade and its fashions. I really really love vintage and have so much of it from every decade starting from 60s to 90s and I just recreated it with my out the box
and daring style and incorporate some modern flair in to my outfits.

In a world filled with people who are in the exact same line of work as you are, what sets you apart?
What sets me apart from the other stylist is that I'm unique, bold, one of a kind and don't care what folks think of my fashion sense because it's me and I own it and command that attention with confidence and people love it.

If you could speak to your 16 year old self and tell them anything, what would it be?

If I can tell my 16 year old self anything is keep being you don't let anyone tell you nothing different and also save and invest in something now so when you older you be wealthy young!

In 5 years, where do you think your passion will take you?

In five years I pray that my passion takes me to new heights and doors open and that I have met the right person/people to help me with my dream and be in major magazines, styling for the celebrities and being financial free!

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