Tuesday, June 7, 2016

7 Hairstyles for Your Daily Workout

Summertime is upon us and plenty of us are sitting in front of a mirror waiting for our body to change on it's own...myself included, which we all know isn't going to happen. 
Wouldn't it be nice though?
One of the main reasons why I find myself not working out is because, 
who REALLY feels like washing their hair every other day after working out or walk around smelling like a gym sock is lost underneath your scalp somewhere?! 
So, Chy and I wanted to help out so we can eliminate all excuses. The scale isn't going to change on it's own so we have to get out there and make some things shake! 
Below, we've listed 7 different protective styles to get you started!
These styles are easy to obtain and easily manageable.

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1. High Bun or Top Knot

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

2. Two Strand Mini Twists

Source: Pinterest

3. Cornrows

Source: Pinterest

4. Flat Twists

Source: Pinterest / Naptural85
Source: Pinterest

5.Poetic Justice Braids

6.High Puff

Source: Pinterest

7. Finger Coils

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