Thursday, June 23, 2016

5 Easy Summer Hairstyles

Now that it is officially summer, the main thing us naturals want to do is minimize how much we have to do our hair this season and how we can keep it out of our face! So, Notorious Styles came up with a few simple styles that you can rock throughout the summer!

1. Halo Braid

*This hairstyle is very simple you can use your natural hair(depending on the length) or you can just add weave. For a clean braid blow dry your hair first.

2. Frohawk

*One the easiest styles, (this can be done on wet hair, an old wash and go or dry hair.) All you will need is poppy pins, a little product and a brush.

3. Goddess braids into a bun

*One of the most popular styles that women are trying  this summer! This is a great way to protect your hair during the summer as well and it's easily manageable.

4. Cornrows

* Classic look, this can be done with weave or natural hair. 

5. Curly/Straight Wig

*We can all be a lazy natural from time to time, and do not feel like doing our hair day in and day out so, we suggest to invest in a wig. Best way to go about this is to go in store and try on as many as you can. When getting a wig you can also cut it and shape it the way you want it.

As Always Stay Classy

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