Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When Aliexpress Gets it Right!

On April 24, I found myself on a mission to do something different with my hair.
It felt like we were in the middle of raining season and my poor little natural hair was holding on by a thread. 
So I was on a budget and couldn't afford to pay $100 a bundle, so I didn't.
I went right to AliExpress and tested my luck.
For those of us that have shopped AliExpress before, you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes their products are a little hit or miss and the sellers harass you for reviews. 
Right After Install
Needless to say I found this really dope Mongolian Kinky Curly hair with 3 bundles from Rosa Queen Hair Products Co,. Ltd.
I talked with my stylist and recommended I get a closure, which I normally do with my straight sewins, so I purchased that too.
All in all, my total was $181.04 for three bundles and a closure.
Not bad at all.
So the hair and the closure came within a day of one another and it was really soft when it arrived.
After Adding Water
I got it sewn in a few days later, maybe the first week of May and it wasn't exactly what I wanted. 
3 Days After Install
The curls didn't look natural and I just wasn't feeling it.
I put a bonnet on it every night and it was even worse the next day.
I tried to wet a few pieces and twisted it on dry hair and it was still terrible.
So I got the epiphany to treat it like how I treat my own hair.
I got that spray bottle and went to work.
I sprayed it down and almost drenched it, added some leave in from Design Essentials, used a brush-comb to detangle and twisted it up using Eden Body Works All Natural Curl Defining Creme.
It was like magic.
Black Girl Weave Magic
I love the hair now, I even got my closure tightened so I can wear it a little longer.
I had my doubts at first but this time AliExpress got it right.

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