Sunday, January 24, 2016

Natural Hair vs. Color: Is it really that big of a step?

There has been an on going debate for as long as I can remember regarding natural hair and color.
Are you still natural if you get color?
Is it really that damaging to your hair?
What kind of color should I use?
Should I go to shop or attempt it at home.
So. Many. Things.

So, we're going to address all of that for you today.
A month ago, Kelli Neche' decided she wanted to be BOLD (as if she's ever been anything else) and head to Beauty Bar for some color.
Natural Hair Guru and Healthy Hair Stylist Ingrid Riley applied her color and of course had a consultation prior to any commitments because that's exactly what color is, a commitment. You have to commit to weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning, occasional protein treatments if necessary, end trimming every 3-6 months depending upon how quickly your hair grows and how often you do protective styling. One of the major things she fussed at her about was to minimize my protective styles with color because it can increase breakage. We all know Kelli Neche' will throw in a sew-in or some braids in a heartbeat. 
Sidebar...if you haven't gotten a relaxer *whispers* you're still natural
Back to the salon.
Prior to getting to the salon, Kelli washed and blew out her hair because her hair was filthy from taking out her sew-in two days before.
So, Ingrid parted Kelli's hair into 4 sections and added rubber bands to down to the scalp to make 4 ponytails.
She then added Schwarzkopf lightener and 20 volume and after the hair was lifted applied Pravana Pure Purple Hair Color. 
She then blew out Kelli's hair and did a braid out into about 8 single braids using Design Essentials Foam Wrap Lotion, Eco Styler Gel with Argon Oil and Eden Body Works Coconut Shea All Natural Pudding. 
She left the braids in overnight and took them out at abut 3pm the next day.

Needless to say she loves her color and the beauty of the curl definition definitely helps. 
See Ingrid at the Beauty Bar in RVA for all of your natural hair needs!
Color doesn't immediately damage your hair, not taking care of the color does. If you get color and fail to treat it or take care of it properly, then that could lead to damage and breakage. 
Lastly, leave the color to the professionals. If you are not a licensed cosmetologsit, leave the box at the store and leave the color alone. 

Stay Classy!

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