Friday, July 24, 2015

Vlogger Interview with Ashly Rodeiguez of Actually Ashly

The ladies of Notorious Styles had the pleasure of being able to interview one of our favorite natural hair personalities this week and we are so excited to share her story and a she had some things to share with us too!
We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!! Make sure you support her and feel free to hit her handles with any questions you may have!

Please state your name and what do you do for our readers:
My name is Ashly Rodriguez and I'm a Natural Hair/Beauty vlogger.

What made you go natural and how long have you been natural? Did you big chop or transition? 
My natural hair journey happened by accident. I couldn't afford to go to the salon any more  to get relaxers every few months so my natural hair was growing out. I didn't know anything about hair, I just used to straighten it all the time without knowing the damage being caused on my hair. One year after no relaxer I went to the salon and had the choice to relax my hair or cut off my relaxed ends. I decided to cut off my ends and start fresh. Best decision I've made for me and my hair.  I've been 100% natural for 13 months now. 

What advice would you give to other women who are looking to go back to their roots by transitioning back to natural and may be having trouble starting their journey? 
First thing is: It's your hair and do whatever you want with it. Go natural because you want to not because everybody else is. When you know that, it'll make transitioning or big chopping to be natural again worth it because YOU decided to do it.  Second thing: Be patient and embrace your journey. There will be times you get frustrated because your hair may have not come out the way you wanted it to but don't give up. Embrace it and try again. Third thing: YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs about natural hair are VERY helpful. That's what helped me when I decided to be natural. 
4. have to be honest and say stalk your instagram page lol especially when you are trying new products and doing a tutorial. Your natural hair and great personality have brought you such great success, what advice can you give new bloggers and vloggers on branding themselves and their business? What tips do you have when there are so many natural hair bloggers and vloggers out there who are trying to set themselves apart from the norm?

 My advice is to be YOURSELF! And go from there, don't change yourself for others. Make a vision board, goal list, or brainstorming ideas to help you think of ways to be different than everyone else and also push you to keep moving forward. Also ask your viewers for suggestions if you need help! They're the ones on your page reading or watching what you have to share! 

 What makes you and your style so Notorious? 
I don't try too hard. I do what I like and what's comfortable for me. There are some trends I like and some I don't.  I'm not afraid to try something either it be something I wear to my hair. It depends on my mood for the day. 

What are your go-to hair products? 
Since I still consider myself a "new natural" I'm trying out different products so I can find my staple products but as of now my must have/go to product is Coconut oil! No matter what, I can be out of all other products and I can put that stuff in my hair and it does the trick. 

Explain your favorite hairstyle and the steps to proceed the hairstyle?
 At the moment my favorite hair style is a Flexi Rod set. I used to struggle but with patience I finally achieved it and I'm in love.  

What you need: flexi rods whatever size you want, I prefer smaller sized rods since I like tighter curls for my shorter hair. A styling product: I use Jane Carters Wrap and Roll. Great hold, drys fast, and leaves hair nice and soft. 
On wet or dry hair take medium size piece of hair, apply styling product, comb through to make sure no tangle,  smooth out ends on rod then roll on to the rod. Once all rolled let hair dry over night. Next morning taking down rods, apply oil to finger tips, separate, and then take a pic to fluff out roots for volume.

 What are some upcoming events you are planning to attend or might possibly be working on? 
I love supporting other bloggers and vloggers events, so whenever there is one near the New England area I will go. I hope to in the next few months to plan something in the Boston area for naturals! 
9. How can viewers reach you? 
They can reach me on Instagram: @Actually_Ashly
Youtube: Actually Ashly

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