Monday, July 13, 2015

Return of the Curls 2015

This past weekend, the Ladies of Notorious Styles got to sit back and enjoy Return of the Curls Expo at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia. 
It was a lot less stressful attending the show versus working behind the scenes but there's nothing like fashion/hair show day stress and jitters. It makes the beauty of the show worth while.

Saturday was the Natural Hair Expo and Hair Show while Sunday was reserved for the Blogger Branding Brunch held by Myleik Teele of Curlbox.
The Blogger Branding Brunch was by far the most amazing learning experience any blogger could ever ask for. With a panel that consisted of Vaughn, from MsVaughnTV; Jonna of Naturally Glam; Adeea of Trendy Socialite; and Kim of The Natural Fashionista so there was SO MUCH wisdom at one table, we just couldn't take it!
Choosing Shalleen-Kaye of Natural Hair Does Care to host this event was definitely a great idea! She kept the room lively and the jokes rolling in! 
We learned so much from these veteran blogger and vloggers that it was definitely worth the anticipation.
Myleik kept it real the entire time with her straight forward responses about how she conducts her day in order to make it productive.
Coming from humble beginnings, Myleik learned to appreciate herself and focus on what she knew she had to offer to the world. She shared with us how she chose the color of her logo and how to clap back in a classy way and to understand when it's necessary to clap back and when not to. Myleik also taught us how to position our wording when it comes to not completely loving a product, which can always come in handy. Not everyone is going to love the same things but you don't want to make it seem like you're being a negative nancy all the time either. 
Shalleen-Kaye gave us a one liner that I have yet to stop talking about,
 "Don't let your negativity cut you out of a check."
Pretty profound, right?

Here are some video from the brunch and of course some pictures!
Save the Date for Next Year!
July 29-31 in Hampton, Va.

The always sweet Tree of Tree Naturals

Vendor Goodies!

Waiting for the Hair Show!

Miguel Nunez!

Kelli Neche' (@afrovirgo_) at the Expo

Headed to the Blogger Brunch!

We met Beauty by Lee! OMG!

Shalleen-Kaye of NHDC

The Panelist!

Naturally Glam, Trendy Socialite and Naturally Fashionable


We met some amazing people!

Kelli Neche' was so ecstatic to finally meet Kim of Naturally Fashionable

Blogger Brunch Goodies!

Chy (@akinkylife) ready to head out in Norfolk!

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  1. Look like you had a blast.. i never went to a hair expo before but ill definitely love to 1 day 🙌

    Nique ||