Wednesday, July 29, 2015

National Lipstick Day!

Good Evening All!

Southern Gyrl by ModGyrl Cosmetics
Kelli Neche' here yall!
It's National Lipstick Day!
For those of you guys that know me, know that I am indeed a lipstick junkie!
I love lipstick.
All shades.
All colors.
My favorites are darker matte colors because they just genuinely make me feel mysterious and sexy.
You can never go wrong with a good red lipstick either!
In honor of Lipstick Day, I'm posting some selfie's of me in my favorite shades of lipstick!
I'll also post some websites below!
Speak UP by Iconic Cosmetics
Stay Classy!

The Perfect Red by NYX

Cyber by MAC Cosmetics

Rosie by ModGyrl Cosmetics

Sin by MAC

Film Noir by MAC

Ruby Woo by MAC

ModGyrl Cosmetics is one of my favorite lipstick lines. I love supporting her, not just because she's family but because she makes good quality lipstick by hand! She's having a sale today! Use the code "lipstick" at checkout for 25% off!
Instagram: @melz_a_modgyrl

Iconic Cosmetics carries a bold lipstick line filled with shades for every and anyone! She was extremely nice when we met recently at the She Empowers Workshop and I am looking forward to working with her again! Her lippies are $6 today and today only! GET SOME!
Instagram: @iconiccosmetics

Then of course, there's NYX. I just came across this fabulous cosmetic line and bought three different lipsticks! Their matte lipstick line is everything! Stop by today!

Last but certainly not least, MAC Cosmetics. I live for MAC. Don't by me flowers, buy me MAC! 
Enough said. 
(PS. They're coming out with a Selena cosmetic line soon. *squeals* I know! The red they come up with is going to bless us all!)

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