Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dolls on West 47th

If you live in RVa then you have definitely heard of Dolls in the City!
Dolls in the City Founder Leslie Marie has been keeping a low profile while brewing up a new fashionable idea that is sure to drive RVa CRAZY! 

The Richmond native ran with the idea of starting a mobile store after reading a New York Times post about a new trend that was sweeping up and down the west coast and was on the move to us fashionistas and entrepreneurs on the east coast! The concept and responsibility of having a concrete store can be overwhelming and unpredictable, flexibility and mobility makes business owners lives much easier.  “The way people do business has changed so much, with the domination of social media and the “on the go” mindset, it is important for business owners to keep up to stay in the game.” West 47th is a vision that was birthed by Leslie and her dad who are battling cancer, she was forced to place their plan on hold as his health continued to decline. Picking West 47th up off of the ground is so important to Leslie and when one of us succeed, we all succeed. With plans to take Richmond, Va and the east coast by storm, the ladies of Notorious Styles want to partner with Leslie and West 47th to make her business and vision come to the forefront.
Leslie is a lover of timeless pieces, yard sales, fashion and discovering new things which means she's a girl after our own heart. We will be donating soon and we hope you all do the same.
I have attached her link and IG handle below. 

Let's make this her dream come true!

Instagram: @West47th

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