Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chy's Wash n Go

Hello Naturalistas,

Chy here! As you all know we had the pleasure to go to the Return of the Curls Blogger Brunch and received a lot of hair products in our swag bags and we were both excited to try them out. Last Friday, I had finally had the time to wash and shampoo my hair. For the shampoo and conditioner I used Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow and Restore. If you are looking for a great cleansing shampoo that will strip your hair, then this shampoo is for you. It didn't dry my hair out too much but I love the fact that my scalp felt really clean. The conditioner was amazing, it smelled great. I also added peppermint oil to my scalp before the conditioner. My plan was to keep the conditioner in my hair or about an 1 hour or so, but somehow I fell sleep with it in my hair (I do not recommend overnight). The next day I rinsed the conditioner out with lukewarm water. After I rinsed the conditioner out, I separated my hair down the middle then parted from ear to ear. I separated one of the four parts of my hair and started applying the leave in conditioner from Dark and Lovely. I literally used a dime amount and applied it with my fingers and started detangling from ends to root then I had applied the Coil Moisturizing Souffle and repeated the steps for my whole head. I like the Leave in Conditioner because it is not too heavy and it smells amazing. The moisturizer was pretty great as well, once I had applied the products I diffused my hair. When I do my wash n go's depending on my day, I would diffuse or just let my hair air dry and fluff once dry. The steps when I diffuse my hair I put my head upside down so hair can hang and diffuse my hair on medium heat and depending on your hair this can take about 10-20 mins, you want to diffuse section by section. Once the hair is dry it will be shorter, but you can pick it out from the root to get some body and volume to your hair. I like the fact that the products didn't make my hair crunchy or hard, it was soft and bouncy.

This is what my hair looks like after applying the products


As always Stay Classy

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