Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beach Ready Natural Hair

Alright Naturalistas!
Kelli Neche' here!
If you beach beauties are like me, you're making preparations to attend the beach for the upcoming summer months and holidays! 
We sometimes spend so much time figuring out what bathing suit we're going to be wearing and which hat has the biggest brim, that we forget all about protecting our natural tresses. 
I have a couple of tips that I hope will help you all, myself included, when prepping and protecting our hair while planning our next beach trip.

The first step of course is to make sure your hair is properly moisturized before choosing any
. style you plan to wear to the beach. The summer sun can be so harsh on our natural hair and it can dry out our hair super easily, so we want to make sure we are moisturizing a little more than normal.

Rinse your hair after participating in any beach activities. With the blowing of the wind and the kicking up of the sand can make for big trouble when you go to wash your hair later, so rinse in between and don't forget to re-moisturize. 

A wash and go is probably not the best idea.

Buns and Ponytails could possibly be your friend. Keeping your hair high can help to prevent your hair from being drenched in sand and from re-styling on the way to dinne afterwards. Nothing worse than extremly dry hair that shrunk in the hot sun. 

Braids can also be a great beach-ready chic look.

Be sure to deep condition your hair after the beach. Replinsh all lost moisture. 

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