Sunday, April 26, 2015

Swear she's been 17 for 5 years

As everyone know Kylie Jenner/ Kardashian is now one of the most talked about this year. Whether its her lips, dressing too provocative, age, dating, lips, surgery etc. Despite all of that, her makeup and style does be on point but personally I think its a little too grown for me. I mean are you even in school, did you even graduate, are going to attend college, and many more. What are your thought s of Kylie Jenner, do you think she just doing this for attention?

The old Kylie before the transformation...

 And here is the new Kylie.....

 Now, I must say the girl can dress I mean her fashion is one point and her makeup is flawless (Which she does herself) I just hope she uses her talent. She can be a big makeup artiest out here. Tell us what you think about her style, is it too mature for her age?

As Always Stay Classy

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