Sunday, April 5, 2015

Protective Styles for the spring...ARE YOU READY??

Spring has definitely sprung and with the warmer months upon us, it's important that we start protecting our hair from things like sun/heat, beach/pool water and just summer laziness. 
I'm a nursing student so I usually don't have a lot of time to maintain styles so protective styles save my life.
I want to discuss four different protective styles to try this season in order to make sure our hair doesn't suffer while we're out having fun.

The first is Havana Twists

These twists done by Shauna (instagram: @xxvi_xciii) the Beauty Bar on Brook Road in Richmond, Va are easily maintained and don't take long to get done, so you're not in the shop all day.

The Second Protective Style is Faux-Locs
When I was pregnant I was into trying so many different things with my hair because I was hot and over it and wanted nothing to do with anything that required a lot of work, so I chopped my hair off and immediately regreted it. So I kept my hair either braided or straightened. These faux locs done by Mercedes of RVa (instagram: @skyynewman) did take forever but they lasted a really long time. Just be careful with the tension on your edges because the hair can get really heavy. 

The Third Protective Style is Poetic Justice Braids
These braids done by Haley of RVa (instagram: @coveredby_halo) are easy to toss up in a bun or have down framing your face, depending in the look you're aiming for. Poetic Justice braids are in right now and a pair of large earrings can really complete the look. Dark lipstick and braids were always my go-to.

The Last One is a Full Sew in with a Closure
Me at 9am
Me at 1pm
This full sew in with lace closure using Peruvian Loose Wave from Mayvenn Hair was installed by Andrea of RVa (instragram: @hair_ido) and she laid this head to the gooooooods. I can flexirod or curl the hair and it's definitely a huge relief from curling and flat ironing my own hair all the time.  The hair looks natural when installed properly and of course there's all different lengths to choose from!

Stay Classy and Protected Ladies and Gents

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