Sunday, April 5, 2015

Notorious Styles' top 5 hair items can't live without

The ladies of Notorious Styles want to share with you all their top five MUST HAVE hair items. I am sure that some of you naturalistas can agree with our choices. Please share with us what are your top 5!

Chy's Top 5 hair items she can't without!

1. Satin Scarf

Not only is it great for your nighttime routine, but I absolutely love doing turbans with them and a satin scarf is perfect for hiding your deep condition or lazy hair day.

2. Co-Wash product or just Condition

As I AM co-wash is AWESOME! It makes your hair smooth and soft, but this isn't my only favorite product I have others. I also use regular conditioner to co-wash

3. Water

I mean you can't live without water LITERALLY, plus when my hair looks dry water will be it's best friend.

4. Cashmere Curls

This product is my go to everything lol. I love how it makes my curls bouncy and very light. When I want a perfect fro day this is one my steps I use to keep my curls in place.

5. Hair tie

I would probably be depressed if I didn't have a hair tie to do a pineapple every single day, not only because I just don't always feel like doing my hair. Especially when I'm at my job who wants to have their hair in there face, not I. 

Kelli's Top 5 hair items she can't live without!

1. Tree Naturals Natasha's Growth Butter

I looooove this product. The butter gives my hair shine when doing my twist outs and keeps moisture locked in. I haaaaave to have a jar in stock at all times.

2. Spray Bottle

When twisting or re-twisting my hair I don't always want to drench my hair or have it soaking wet. The spray bottle gives me the right amount of water that I need and I can mix the water with a leave in conditioner. 

3. Alikay Naturals Totally Twisted Loc Butter
When trying to achieve the perfect twist out, I usually mix Tree Natural's Growth Butter with this product right here to lock my ends. It smells amazing and it doesn't last very long at all.

4. Silk Bonnet

Sometimes when I get home from a long day I don't ALWAYS feel like re-twisting my hair. So I just throw on my bonnet, spray some water and a little leave-in conditioner and work it out.

5. Shoe Lace
I know yall are like what in the world?! But for real, whenever I want to do a puff after a failed twist out or even when I'm just having a lazy day or a lazy night from the day before. What I do is, I pull the shoe lace around the edges of my hair with a loose knot in the front, then i pull it tighter depending on how I want my puff to look and tuck the remaining string from there. Don't worry, I'll post a tutorial later.

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