Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year, New Hair Resolutions By Notorious Styles

HAPPY NEW YEAR Naturalistas and Fashionistas, we hope 2015 brings you many blessings and happiness.
This year we would like to share our hair resolutions for 2015 with you!

Chynesha's resolution is that she would like to become more active with her hair, last year she was entirely too lazy to take care of her hair. This year she wants to do more protective style, twist outs, braid outs and try new hair products. She will stick to deep conditioning once a month  but wants to try a conditioner that will give her more moisture and softness.

Kelli would like to keep her hair healthy with bi-monthly trims and start a hair care regimen to ensure her hair will stay healthy, thick and full. She also wants to come more adventurous with her hair. Meaning she wants to branch out and try new things with her hair, within reason of course and not fall into her usual go-to styles.

We would like to hear about your hair resloutions for this year, what products you will be trying and new hair styles you'll be trying!! Feel free to comment tag us on Instagram using @notoriousstylez!!!!! 

As always Stay Classy

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