Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Please Greet our Guest Series featuring Rivolta Sata

Photo by: Aaron D. Stallworth Photography

​We’re in the thick of it – summer is out of the window & winter is creeping up on my fingertips, so I’m thinking, “Let’s get a fall fashion article out before it’s too cold to!”. For many of the fashion blogs, there are articles about sweater dresses and knee high leather boots, which is awesome and I applaud it, because we all need to be warm and snuggled and layered all the time. I just wouldn't wear most of the items that many of them highlight.

So this is my fall essentials list, complete with photos of me, looking nippy and cold because I am in fact a human Chihuahua – ask my doctor.

Jeans: It's too nippy for shorts, and frankly, who doesn't wear jeans throughout the seasons? Easy to dress up with the right belt or no belt - your pick. Versatile and the accessories you wear with are boundless, but make them work in your favor. Black jeans = easy pairing!
Button-ups- because it isn't summer anymore, just let it go, we’re big kids, you’ll be fine. Opt out from simply throwing on layer after layer and just keep it looking sleek with a nice tucked in button up. Throw in a bit of color to switch things up – but you could always stick to black. It never fails.

Boots – just do it, you know you want to. Try something different from the typical brown leather knee high riding boots and go for….black. I have a pair of black leather lace up boots that I will never give up, but really should and I think everyone should at least have one sold pair that they love. They are always a go to for me, which they shouldn't be cause time has gotten the better of them…but I’m a work in progress & will never let them go until they fall apart on my feet.
Motorcycle boots look really great as well and you can get them with studs, without studs, with straps all over and there are just so many different varieties you can’t go wrong!

Jackets – Leather jacket. Black. These are important words that I follow. I love myself some black clothing as well as leather clothing, so together I’m just supremely satisfied with life. I see some really awesome tailored black jackets, trench coats and blazers too that look amazing over a button shirt or under an additional jacket, which works for me, since, as I said, I’m always cold so I have on multiple layers.
These are items that I am usually wearing around this time! What do you wear for the fall? Feel free to send your fall fashion to:

Photo: Zave Smith Photography
Rivolta Sata is an androgynous fashion model and professional circus performer. Check them out on instagram and twitter: rivoltasata or find them on facebook at:

Rivolta Sata
Creative Director of Cirque Manikk

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