Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mommy Finds: Little Boy Clothes by Kelli Neche'

Over the past couple of weeks I went on a venture to clean out and restock my son's closet with winter clothes. He'll be 11 months on Sunday which means that all of his winter clothes were entirely too small.
I anticipated it being a little harder to find cute things for little boys but it actually wasn't.
I visited Ross, Macy's, Walmart, Target, DTLR and Hibbit Sports.
My son is in between 12 and 18m clothing so I have to be careful how I buy and really have to pay attention to the cut of the outfit or sleepers.
I'm all about the look for less and that goes no differently for my son, yes, he's spoiled but he's an only child so I don't think anyone could expect much less.
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Below, I've posted my most recent grabs and hopefully this will help you all out!

Letterman Jacket from Target $15

Carter's sets from Macy's $20 a piece

Flannel Shirts and Sweat Pants up to 5T at Walmart $3.88 a piece

Jordans size 5 ranging from $29.98-55 via DTLR

Jordans via Hibbit Sports ranging from $39.99-55

Carter's sets and Nike Track suit from Ross $12.99 a piece

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