Monday, August 4, 2014

Finding Your Natural Niche by Kelli Neche'

Going Natural is definitely a strenuous process. 
Do I use this product?
Do my twist look right?
Is this a dime-sized amount?
When should I big chop?
So do i co-wash with hot water or cold?
I mean, really.
Yes transitioning is tough but a lot of Naturals that have been fully natural for YEARS still have these same issues.
Everyone is striving for the perfect twist-out or to do things JUST RIGHT.
But what's just right for Taren916, Taren Guy, may not be right for DearNaptural85, or MahoganyCurls or YOU, for that matter.
Being Natural isn't about having her curls or his locs, it's about finding your niche when it comes to your hair.
Fall 2011

The first time I transitioned I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.
(I still don't know exactly what I'm doing now. I just know, okay this works, alright, this definitely is going to the next product swap!)
I remember making Chy flexirod my hair because I was so nervous about what I would look like once I big chopped. I straightened it so often my roots were sitting three inches off of my head.
Then one day, I came home from work, got a pair of scissors and went in on my half-natural/half-relaxed mop. 
Fall 2012
Ten minutes later I was starring at myself like WHYYYYY did you do that. I thought I was the most hideous troll to walk the earth.
I got used to my new look of course and began trying different styles and buying up the entire "ethnic hair care" line at Target.
Now, 4 years and two big chops later, I'm still learning my hair!
However, the more I learn, the more I find myself getting compliments, getting asked questions, having people stare at my head and smile.
Mostly, I've learned to love me for how God made me.
Not saying that women with relaxed hair don't.
To each his own.
Summer 2012
Or her own.
there's something about seeing a lady coming towards you with her hair kissing the clouds that is beautifully amazing. 
Tapered Cut, Summer 2013
I've said all of that to say this,
don't knock your natural just because it's different than mine.
Be proud of how your kinks curl and how your naps flap!
It's YOURS! 
Find your niche and try to focus on the HEALTH of your hair and everything else will fall into place. 
6 Months post 2nd BC

6 months post 2nd BC

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