Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bye-Bye Cover Ups! by Kelli Neche'

Who has time for cover ups??
Not I, said the plus size girl!
There are entirely too many bathing suits designed JUST FOR US!
When I say "us", I'm speaking about US women who has a little more sand in our hourglass figure.
US women who can't seem to find our size bra in any Target, Walmart or any place where we can get a matching set for under $50.
This summer, leave your over sized t-shirts at home!

Below I have given a couple of examples of some plus size swimwear and where we can find them!!
You're welcome ladies!
Here's a little tip,
If you are pear-shaped, try a patterned top and solid bottom to draw more attention to your upper body vs your bottom half.

Summer Reedus via Pinterest

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