Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mommy Chronicles: Month 7 by Kelli Neche'

So, it's been a while since I've discussed my journey through Motherhood and what I've experienced so far, I felt it was time for an update!

It's been so eventful watching my son, Jace, grow and it scares me more and more everyday. What in the world happened to my QUIET, STILL, crybaby??
He has evolved into a yelling, jumping, eating, rocking machine!
Now, he's teeth are starting to bud.

At Jace's 6 month check up, he was up to 18lbs and 27in long. A huge leap from his birth weight of 9lbs and 21in long.
My son has just learned to "stop" and say as well as wave "bye-bye". No crawling yet, we're only going backwards but I'm in NO rush to go safety gate crazy! 

We've also moved on to a sippy cup and Gerber's Graduates finger foods. I think I have at least hours of footage on my phone of watching him push his cheese puffs back and forth across the highchair.
For the last couple of weeks, Jace has been sleeping in his own crib instead of with Mommy! 
*ques angelic chorus*
For those of you all that genuinely know me, know why it was so hard to put Jace in his crib. 
He's been sleeping through the night in his crib for almost 9 days now!
*I'll be accepting awards later*

Now to this weight loss's easier said than done.
It's so hard to kick whatever habits you've built up doing pregnancy if you WAIT.
My tip to other expectant or new Mommy's would be to start practicing better eating habits AS SOON as you're released from the hospital. For the past 7 months I've still been struggling with trying to watch what I eat, how much I eat and keep my eyes open long enough to practice any form of exercise.
Although, I have been trying my best to utilize the free gym at work as much as I can, it's that diet thing that I can't seem to get with wholeheartedly.
I have downloaded this new app called MyFitnessPal recommended to me by a nutritionist at a Natural Hair Event that I attended this past weekend.
The app helps you to monitor how many calories you intake per settings that you've programmed. The best results come from honestly plugging in your meals and your settings.
So over the next few months, I'll keep you updated on this crazy thing called, a healthy lifestyle.
The funny thing is, I'm actually getting used to being "plus sized" or NORMAL sized as I would like to call it.

But that's another blog post.

Also, new Moms, another great app to monitor your child's development and to get educated with daily tips is WebMD Baby, also Pampers Rewards!
The more Pampers products you purchase, the more points you obtain, the more free stuff you qualify for!

Until Next Time!

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