Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nappy Notes: Xavia Johnson

This week's Nappy Notes feature is a very good friend of Kelli Neche''s. They've been friends since high school and Xavia inspired Kelli to go natural waaaaaaay back when! 
Nappy Notes is meant to inspire, to empower and to highlight our lovely natural haired women and their amazing place in today's society.
Xavia is nothing shy of that.
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Please state your name and occupation for our readers.
My name is Xavia Johnson, and I am a Language Arts teacher. 

How long have you been teaching?
I have been teaching for two years. 

Did you always want to be a teacher? If so, what or whom inspired you?
I had not always wanted to be a teacher, but I knew that my calling in life was to positively impact the lives of children in some way. I was inspired by my favorite professor in college. She instilled the desire in me to help educate the world and to share my story. I went from despising school and barely getting by to valuing education more than anything and truly seeing the good it could do for my life. 

Being a mother is already a full time job, how do you manage work, your personal life and motherhood? 
I'm still trying to learn how to balance work, my personal life, and motherhood, but my main objective has been to focus on work when I'm there and refrain from thinking about it when I'm not, to devote my time and energy to Ava when I'm with her, and to make sure that I don't forget to have "me time" when her daddy or someone else is watching her. Isolating each of these parts of my life helps prevent me from feeling overwhelmed or too stressed. What drives me, though, is the thought that when I work, I do it to prepare a better life for Ava, and when I take time out for myself, I am maintaining my sanity which is necessary for all aspects of my life.

Ava is growing up so fast! What morals are you implementing or plan to implement in the beginning stages of her life to make sure she grows up knowing her worth? 
Ava observes and notices everything. I have been taking her to church with me to help gear her toward a spiritual life that will guide her on what is right and wrong. I read to her and speak to her using proper English to educate her. I make it a point to carry myself with confidence so that my attitude will impact her. I compliment her every day. I want her to know how smart, pretty, and amazing she is. I believe that when she grows up using her own mind, taking education seriously, and exuding great confidence and self respect, she will know her worth, and she won't allow anyone to steer her in a different direction. 

We also love the fact that you're natural! How long have you been natural?
Thanks! I have been natural for five years. 

Did you Big chop or transition? 
Big chop. 

You've become so accomplished and overcome so many obstacles! Success looks great on you! If you could write a brief letter to your younger self giving her the advice you wish you would have
received, what would you say?
"God made no mistakes on you. You were born to stand out and be different, so embrace that. Don't shy away from people. Demand their respect. Look them in the eye when you speak to them and confidently show them who you are. Be proactive and driven, not lazy. It's fantastic to dream, but it's even better to put in the work necessary to achieve those dreams. Love yourself better than anyone in the world can love you. Focus on having your own as opposed to working for someone else, and be a good steward over your money. Stay true to who you are, and always remember that you will eventually leave behind a legacy, so do all you can to be remembered in an exceptional way."

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