Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nappy Notes: Diondra McMutry

This week's Nappy Notes interviewee has been a long time friend of Chynesha's since middle school. It's an honor for her to even consider being interviewed by Notorious Styles to interview her even though we are miles away (lol). Chynesha finally convinced her to do the big chop, gave her some advice on what to do and now her hair is healthy and growing. 
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Hope you enjoy hearing about Diondra and her natural experience.

My name is Diondra McMutry and I'm currently working in retail, but am signing up for the USAF soon. I've been natural for about 10 months and I transitioned from relaxer. My hair was breaking really bad and after fighting with myself, I decided to get it cut into an inverted bob. Although it got healthy again, it continued to break and thin after a while (later discovered it was my migraine medication, I had stopped and then started taking it again)..I decided to give relaxers a break and the medication also.
During my transition, I kept a protective style in. I already had a good 2 inches of new growth before I decided to go natural so when I washed my hair for the first time after 6 weeks, growth had more than doubled..that day was complete hell. The things I want to pass on from my transition experience:
#1. You cannot wash natural hair the way you wash relaxed hair as far as working in shampoo and stuff..having two hair textures gave me more tangle and knots where the different textures met.
#2. Comb from the ends and work your way in...I got this from a blog somewhere and it has helped prevent so much hair loss from tangles.
#3. Finger combing helps A LOT.

My "go-to styles" are yarn twists and two strand twists. My hair shrinkage is offends me (swear it's like 70%), and these types of styles help with stretching the hair. I taught myself how to do the yarn twists and always get compliments on them. I've also become very fond of the "urban turban" lately. It's great for when it rains, when you're trying to hide a deep condition, or when you just don't feel like being bothered with your hair.

Note To Younger Self:
You're an odd soul, don't be afraid to allow others to notice. Embrace your "weird", don't hide it for fear of judgement. Being yourself is more fun than playing it safe.
(SIDENOTE: you will NOT die if you allow more than a routine trim...I promise!!)

As Always Stay Classy

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