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Nappy Notes: DeShanta Hariston

Welcome to our first edition of Nappy Notes.
Chynesha and I decided to create this segment as a branch off of our Operation Healthy Hair Campaign. This cluster of interviews that will be taking place all year will be centered around natural haired women as well as female empowerment. The interview will discuss natural hair journeys, any talents or businesses they may be involved in or possess, and be finished off with a Nappy Note to their younger selves, giving them the advice they wish they would've gotten 10 years ago.
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Our first feature is a very humble and beautiful natural with a very commendable business mindset.
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*Please state your name and occupation(s) for our readers!
My name is DeShanta Hairston. I work as the secretary for Danville Parks and Recreation but I am also a blogger, full time student, and mother. 

*How long have you been natural? 
I have been natural for three years now and I wouldn't go back for anything. 

*Did you transition or Big chop? 
My hair used to be really long when I started transitioning. I got tired of having two different textures of hair so I went for the big chop almost two years ago. I went from hair past my shoulders to a Rihanna-ish pixie cut. 

*What made you decide to start your natural journey? 
I've always wanted big, curly hair for as long as I can remember. When my hair was long I used to try to wear it wet and curly but it always frizzed up. Then I would get twist outs etc and only the top part of my hair would hold curls, while the bottom portion would be flat. That was the starting point for me to join team natural. 

*Do you have any healthy hair tips for our Operation Healthy Hair Campaign you've learned that you'd love to share? 
Honestly the only tips that I have and follow regularly myself are keeping the hair well conditioned/moisturized and I always keep some sort of bonnet on so movement in my sleep doesn't break off my hair. I use As I Am Coconut Co-wash as a conditioner and sometimes use their deep conditioner when my hair is extra dry. I use KeraCare's Butter Cream to keep my hair moisturized throughout the days.

*What's your go-to style and why do you love it so much?
Usually my go-to style is Bantu knots; however, I've gotten lazy with my hair lately and had been wearing a wash n go for the most part. I just tried Marley twists two weeks ago and fell in love with those, so I'll be getting those more often now as well.   

*Tell us about your website! Do you have anything coming up that'd you love to share? 
The Boss Chic Files can be found at and is a blog geared towards women empowerment, music, fashion, and other sectors of the entertainment world. I also share stories about my own life from time to time to hopefully help inspire other people when in need. I put together a social event for teenage girls early last year which was sponsored by my blog to help build self-esteem and awareness to things that go on in everyday life. We discussed health issues, safe sex, college planning, and relationships with family and friends etc. I would love to be able to do more out of the box things with my blog as such in the future; I like being able to influence the youth in a positive way. 

*If you could write a letter to your younger self, giving her the advice or wisdom that you have now, what would you write?
Dear DeShanta,
You have always been extremely ambitious and driven, but you have always been your own worst enemy too. No one critiques you as much as you do yourself, and it's time you realize this before it's too late. You don't even realize the power you have just by being you! When you're in your element around the people you love, your light really shines through; however, you tend to dim your light often to let others shine just as much as you. You can't continue to sell yourself short. You can't expect everyone to be on your level either. Everyone won't be your friend, which you know, but the ones you should watch out for are the ones who pretend to like you... The ones who hang around you to say they're associated with you, but in reality bring nothing to the table.
Those parental issues you had growing up, you gotta let those go. The sooner you realize that your parents indeed did and do love you, the sooner you will be able to let go of past anger and hurt. The sooner you will be able to love yourself like you should! Stop looking at other women for an idea of what you should be. None of them are exactly like you, nor are you exactly like them. Don't look to a man to validate who you are either. You continue to chase men who won't even be in your life for more than a few years, and you always lose a piece of yourself in the process. Never give up any parts of yourself to make anyone happy because you'll always be sacrificing your own joy. The ones who are made to be in your life actually love you just the way you are. 
Everyone will tell you that they love your humbleness and they see so much potential in you, but they have no idea that it's not being humble at all. In reality you can't even see the good in yourself that everyone tells you about, so instead of claiming it you deny and decline all praises.They'll say that you're so dedicated and hardworking, but they don't know it's because you always feel like you're slacking in life. You barely even know how to compliment yourself or be happy for any of your own accomplishments, yet you continue to celebrate everyone else. Don't worry though, all the bs you go through now will make you who you are in the future. And the future is actually just now beginning, you're not even half the woman that is writing you this letter... and she's not even half of who you will live to be in the future ;)

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