Friday, December 27, 2013

What's in Store for 2014?! by Kelli Neche'

With 2014 being only a few days away, don't worry, I just had to re-read that myself, Notorious Styles definitely has some great things in store!
For starters, in January, we will be celebrating designers and stylists beginning Wednesday the 8th through Friday the 25th. We love fashion and stylists so much that we had to make this a two week event!
If you know of any designers or stylists that you would like to see interviewed and featured on Notorious Styles don't hesitate to tag their username on our Instagram, @NotoriousStylez, or have them to email us at!
Also beginning in January, we will be beginning our Hairfinity journey and No-Heat Challenge that we've started with some of our followers on Instagram.
Chynesha and I just bought our first month's supply of Hairfinity Hair Vitamins and after checking the reviews and seeing a lot of the results, we are definitely excited to see what happens! Don't worry we'll be updating you all on our hair growth as well as any side effects we run into. If you haven't heard of Hairfinity, LOOK THEM UP! I'm also interested to see how the health of my hair changes with the NO-HEAT CHALLENGE starting January 1st. I've been resulting to getting blow outs for the past few months due to it being a time saver while I was pregnant as well as with a newborn. Now, since I've gotten some heat damage, I'm not too eager to get any more blowouts any time soon.
If you care to join in on the fun, let us know so that we can repost your progress along with our own!
Stay Classy and remain on the lookout for what else we have up our sleeves!

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