Saturday, December 7, 2013

VMFA Teen Stylin': Costume Couture by Kelli Neche'

Last night I packed my baby up and smacked on some eyebrows with the intent of supporting my little sister's art/fashion showcase that she was nominated and applied for.
I got the surprise of my little fashion life! 
So, apparently, there were students from Middle and High School, all either nominated and/or applied, to participate in this art showcase where they were given a piece of artwork in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and with this piece they were told to create wearable art with alternative materials. 
The students were told to map out tear boards with magazine clippings and fabric, to take objects and make them into something wearable, then to design an armature for their showcase piece.
I was so blown away by the creativity and the masterpieces that decorated that stage.
Here are some photos of the wearable art custom and handmade by these future designers and artists.
Take Note: 
Nothing was sewn together, these pieces are strictly handmade and modelled after a form of artwork in the VMFA. 

My Sister and her work made with newspaper! 

Excuse some of my faulty camera skills! 
Half the models sped through before I could get my poor phone to focus! 

The Winning Piece by Dylan Reissner. 

Here are a list of the students who participated. 
Lauren Mick, Maia Uphoff, Ellie Braun, Tessa Fletcher, Rachel Grant, Morgan Hayes, Maegan Jenkins, Catherine Redding, Emily Bombere, Shelby Butt, Madison Dalton, Marcelina Grochulska, Madeline McCord, Tyler Shebelski, Caroline Taylor, Carter Vaughn, Ronald Abangan, Lili Ciprusova, Kristina Dickey, Arielle Eisen, Sarah Stuart Horsley, Caroline Smith, Erica Cummings, Caroline Irwin, Helaina Krishna, Madeline Walter, Izabela Clarke, Madison McDonnell, Khalid Pryor, Chris Quarterman, Mimi Simon, Madeline Taylor, Iyaana Johnson, Corinne Landrum, Emma Seli, Ellroy Camejo, Shannon Colson, Caroline Finn, Lillian Nash, Sara Parrish, Dylan Reissner, Reagan Womack, Cassidy Barnes, Audrey Thornton, Adrielle Wilder, Rose Anderson, Grace Bland, VaShon Boisseau, Tramia Towns, Diara Yancey, Emma Bolstand, Madison Mydlinski Reena Pidaparti, Xameria Wallace, Annie Ward Love, Cassie Womack, Anne Homer, Lilly Phillips, Trinity Stephens, Mariana Byrne, Kenya Godfrey, Emily Mustian and Ella Beth Southall. 
Stay Tuned for amazing things to come from these talented designers! 
As Always, Stay Classy!

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