Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MUA APPRECIATION WEEK: Sarah Sharda Neysmith

MUA Appreciation Week is still in full effect! 
We are so grateful for the opportunity to interview and highlight so many talented makeup artists. 
You're definitely in for a treat tonight so stay tuned after this TIP OF THE NIGHT!
Use a plastic spoon under your lashes when applying mascara to avoid those pesky black marks on your lower lid! It also helps if you sneeze after application like myself, don't ask me why, but who else hates when you think you're done with your makeup only to sneeze and have mascara everywhere.
Pet Peeve.
Now for tonight's feature!

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What inspired you to become a MUA? 

I was inspired by My Uncle Justice Blake to become a Makeup Artist/Image Designer. Growing up I watched him Design Clothes and Walk for underground ballroom shows in NYC, it inspired me to want to be apart of the creativity it takes to put something like that together. I took classes and watched the Guru's until I perfected my craft, and now I use my talents to be a blessing to others. It's my Gift to woman/men around the world.

Is there a particular makeup brand you prefer to others?

When I first Started I liked using Name Brands like MAC and Este Lauder, Now I have my own line Vanglore which will be Launching Dec 14th, But Honestly your Skin Type and your Skins needs should determine what make up selection will suit you.

What was the hardest technique for you to learn? How did you feel when you finally mastered it?

The hardest technique for me was learning to incorporate highlighting and contouring then actually making it all blend. In my early stages I would play it safe by not doing either one but it does make a difference and now I don't wanna toot my own horn but "toot toot" I'm really good and I do it all the time.

The makeup industry is so competitive. What's the secret to your success?

Indeed this industry is very competitive but I'm in my own lane, and I love on all of my fellow artist we can learn a thing or two from each other. I believe my Success comes from continued education and staying up to date with all the new trends. I also believe building a relationship with your clients is key, you want them to come back to you not only because they love your work but because they trust you, they know you understand what they want and they know you will be honest with them. "There's enough faces for us all to beat and there's enough food for us all to eat"

What makes you and your talent so NOTORIOUS?

No No Notorious sorry I'm a BIG fan, Learning that a Bunch of Nos a bunch of doubt a bunch of hate will not only make you grind harder and stronger but it will lead you towards true success, nothing is just given its all about Ambition patience and Faith. Knowing these key ingredients to success makes me Notorious.

Be sure to support this amazing MUA and Stay Classy!!!!! 

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