Friday, December 13, 2013


Tonight concludes our MUA APPRECIATION WEEK features and we just want to say Thank You to everyone who participated in our interview process and to those of you all who tagged makeup artists on twitter and instagram, you're awesome! 
Tomorrow we will be highlighting each MUA that was tagged on our instagram so lookout for that! 
For our last interview segment we have a very special treat for you! Make sure you check out her pages and support her!
But first, our tip of the night!!
Did you know that your makeup has an expiration date? A lot of people don't. 
Please take note to the following for it could be potentially dangerous and harmful to your skin and eyes to continue to use any types of makeup longer than these timeframes.
Mascara: 3-4 months
Eyeshadow and Lipstick: 12-18 months
Foundation: 6-12 months
Eyeliner: 18-24 months
Guess we'll be doing some winter cleaning soon, huh?
Now for our last feature! 

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Brandy Page
brandy page mua

What inspired you to become a MUA? 
Ive been interested in makeup since the age of 5. My mom was a makeup sales girl and would give me samples to play with. 
Also the creativity aspect of makeup and being able to make someone feel good about themselves.

Is there a particular makeup brand you prefer to others?
As far as foundation my fave is mary kay right now. With other products I use a variety such as Ben Nye and NYX

What was the hardest technique for you to learn? How did you feel when you finally mastered it?
Contouring was a little difficult for me. It felt great to be able to really compliment and bring out a clients best features.

The makeup industry is so competitive. What's the secret to your success?
I dont focus on what other mua's are doing. To me there is no competition because everyone doesnt have the same goals or calling. I focus on my personal goals and try to be unique.

-What makes you and your talent so NOTORIOUS?
I strive to make all of my clients that sit in my chair happy.

Stay Classy!! 

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