Thursday, December 5, 2013

Motherhood: Closing Out Week Four by Kelli Neche'

It has been four weeks since I've given birth and I think it's safe to say I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again.
Keyword: Starting.

One thing other moms forget to mention to us newbies is that once the dust clears and the much anticipated visits begin to slow down, you'll start to have more time to see your new post-pregnancy body for what it really is, a hot, sloppy mess.
Your breasts are making it hard to cross your arms and most likely don't sit up like those pretty little models. 
Your hips are still pretty wide and your thighs are all but sexy.
The fat under your arms continue to wave after you're finished and chances are your mid-section looks like a pile of wrinkled clothing.
So if you're like me, you were waiting with a vengeance to get the clearance .for exercise from your doctor. 
My doctor gave me mine today and I could've started doing situps right there in the examination room.
Hopefully this journey to a slimmer, healthier me, won't be so bad because I've already gone from 218 to 187. 
I'll wait for your applause.
Anyway, I'll be updating you all once I start exercising and attempting to eat better, with my progress.
I say ATTEMPTING to eat better because I need y'all to understand something about me.
I like to snack. 
A lot.
I like to snack often, at home, in the bed, in the car, on the go.
I just like to snack.
It's not really ever anything healthy but where's the fun in that? 
So, over the next few days I'll be looking for more healthy, FULFILLING snacks to take back to work with me.
Yes, work.
As much as I'd love to stay home all day, everyday, it'd be nice to make coins to feed and clothe him.

Now to my Sweet Baby Boy.
These past four weeks have definitely been nothing short of eventful.
Jace has lit the house UP on plenty of nights due to tummy issues that we're still working out.. 
That's another thing veteran moms don't tell you, how much you'll be in the doctor's office with your child.
I can honestly say I've visited the doctor with my son once a week since we've left the hospital. 
They know us by name.
Jace David is now 11 lbs 6.5 oz and 21 1/2 in long. So he's a big boy at 4 weeks old.

He's definitely a character and he's becoming more and more spoiled everyday! 
He's so cute, I can't help myself.
I'll probably be kicking myself for it once I go to pick my child up from daycare and hear him fussing from the parking lot because no one is holding him.

Until our six week update, 

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