Monday, November 11, 2013

Loc Love Week: Danyelle Barnes


This week Notorious Styles wanted to highlight naturals with Locs because we feel as though they don't get enough recognition in the Natural Hair Community. 
Thus sparking LOC LOVE WEEK!!!
All week long Notorious Styles will be celebrating on Instagram, Facebook as well as here on our site to show our loc'd brothers and sisters how much we appreciate each and everyone of you all. 
If you want to be featured this week, don't hesitate to email us at
Below we have our first feature!!! 

I'm Danyelle Barnes (not sure if you want full name)...Dany

Occupation: Administrative Assistant at a Richmond Nonprofit, Social Media Brand Manager Intern for Return of the Curls

1)I went natural by accident I guess back in 2009 (been locked since 2011).  I was a college student, 3 hours away from home, and the only person who had ever put a perm in my hair was my mom (I wasn't about to just let just anybody touch my hair). At the time I was also a student athlete, so my hair stayed braided or in a ponytail. Before I knew,it I had a lot of new growth. So for some time I just kept it in a rod set. (I guess this was my transitioning phase) Then after a few months I got tired of seeing those stringy ends, so I decided to just cut it. I was scared, because I wasn't sure how long my hair was going to be. The stylist was nice enough to talk me through it, so that calmed me down. I was "transitioning" for so long I actually had a decent length!  
2) My loc journey sparked, because I wanted to do something different with my hair for me. For the first time, I didn't really care about anyone else's opinion. My mind was made up. People seem to think when your hair is  locked that you can't really do anything with it. WRONG. I can style my hair just like you (maybe more) possibilities are endless! That is what I like about locs and natural hair in general. everyone's natural is different and so versatile!

3) Fortunately my locs have never been the cause of debate amongst coworkers. At work everyone is #teamnatural so we compare products, discuss what salons are best, and what youtube tutorials to check out!

4)Advice: Do your research and you must have PATIENCE. Your hair will not loc in 3 weeks, maybe not even 3 months, but give it a chance. Like I said before everyone's natural is different. Try styles similar to locs (yarn braids, genie loc) to see if it is something you are willing to commit to. Most of all remember that locing your hair is a process and you must go through every step. You will appreciate the journey in the end!
@dany_themeanon3 on Instagram

 Ladies and Gents!!!
Stay Classy!!!!

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