Friday, November 22, 2013

Most Notorious Talent PART TWO

Alright Ladies and Gents! It's time for PART TWO of tonight's MOST NOTORIOUS TALENT  SHOWCASE!!!!!!! The Ladies of Notorious Styles know this talented woman very well, we've worked with her on numerous occasions and she's also both of our hairstylist! She's extremely knowledgeable about her craft and doesn't sugarcoat and that's exactly how we like her!!! Trust me, after this interview you'll be itching to book her!

My name is Ingrid Riley and I am a Stylist, educator, and co-owner of the Beauty Bar. I have been doing hair since 1989. As a child I would always cut up and grease up all my dolls and some of my teddy bears!!! My stylist and I used to talk a lot and I was in the salon one day and she asked me did I want to help her. My answer of course was YESSSSS!!!  My journey started at Buddy's House of Beauties where as a shampoo tech. From there I became an apprentice at the Richmond Technical Center. Over the years everybody has been trying to go natural. Some will say its a trend, it's a fad...being natural is a lifestyle. I've been natural for 5 years and I've been doing natural hair for about 8 years. I decide to go natural because I noticed my clients hair was growing so fast and it was healthy.

 Anyone who knows me know that I dislike unkept ends, and once I explain to my clients the benefits of trimming they agree to a cut and they thank me later. When servicing my clients I use Freelimix products along with Hayadi which are both professional products which leaves the hair moisturized and shiny. My blowouts are flawless and you don't experience heat damage with these lines. My twist outs are sick with the Hayadi foam and gel.  Prior to the products I used Design  Essentials which is in Sally's now.
 I only stopped using Design because I like to offer my clients professional product, which I retail, and Design is now available in regular stores. I'm so excited about my path that God has for me!!!! We are starting classes at the salon in January on how to's, embracing our beauty and just some curls talking!!!!  My natural hair art work will be featured in an art gallery in February, so excited. Last but not least,  I am proud I be a part of Curls Around The World with Keenya Kelly!!! In closing curl, moisturize, wrap that hair up at night!!! Be you, be free, Be'Notorious!!!!

Instagram: @luvnbeaut
As Always, Stay Classy!!! 

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