Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holiday Attire Assistance by Kelli Neche'

If any of you all are like me, you're fretting already over what you'll be wearing this time next week for Thanksgiving and next month for Christmas.
Granted, I just had a baby, so nothing fits as well as I would hope SO, I'll be stuck shopping for something cute and comfy.
Now for those who know me, I'm all about being comfortable. There are so baby easy ways to be fashionable and not feel like you look like Millie from the Hunger Games.
As a way to help you all and myself, I've conjured up some helpful holiday attire ideas so shopping, whether it be in your closet or in a consignment shop, will be a bit easier.
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You can never go wrong with an oversized sweater and pair of comfortable jeans or leggings. To me, this is the perfect Thanksgiving outfit, especially for those of us who go up for seconds, thirds... and desserts (guilty).
The oversized sweater hides your food baby and the leggings give you room to eat as much as you like without unfastening that button and letting down that zipper (guilty).

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Ladies! There's a way to rock printed tights without looking.... let's just say it, ratchet. It is a very thin line between cute and classy when it comes to leggings. When wearing tights, rule one, wear appreciate undergarments. Black seamless underwear or a black thong. Make sure if you decide to wear a thong that you've got your jiggle under control. Nothing ruins an outfit more than the wrong undergarments and too much booty jiggle. Rule 2, make sure your top is the appropriate length. This is of HUGE importance if you are going to be around FAMILY for the holidays, especially HIS family. You don't want to be remembered as the girl with the nasty-looking leggings by his grandmother. Not a good look. Boots and Leggings go hand in hand. Whether they be Uggs or leather boots. DO NOT WEAR ANKLE BOOTS WITH LEGGINGS. 

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Lastly for sweaters, don't be scared to rock an "Ugly Christmas" Swearer. Trendsetters can wear anything and wear it WELL.

Lastly for us ladies, don't ever hesitate to step outside of the box!
Add a POP of color, some PRINTS on PRINTS, PRINTS and A SHOT of COLOR!
Make eyes LAND on you when you Instagram those family holiday photos!!
High-waisted pants with oversized pockets help with holiday dinner pudge hiding.
Blazers are a holiday staple as well!
Throw on a oversized tank underneath, some comfy jeans and super cute flats for standing in line and waiting to eat. I have a huge family so trust me, we stand and wait.

Guys, we haven't forgotten about you!
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Guys, layer it up! Throw on a sweater or cardigan with that denim shirt and slacks.
You can look dapper and be comfortable. 
You can always drop the layers as the Holiday Game gets heated or the beer warms you up.
Don't hesitate to tag us on Instagram in your holiday attire, we'll repost! Use the hashtag #NotoriousStylez or @ us! @NotoriousStylez!
I hope this helped!!!
As Always, Stay Classy!

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