Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rachael Zoe Fall Collection....By Chynehsa

Is anyone more happier than I am about Fall, I feel like no one is lol. If you know me Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. This is were the fashion is, where ever dust out there old peak coats, many scarfs, high boots, baby doll dresses and don't forget your hat. I am seriously stoked, plus I need to do a whole new wardrobe change. Usually when Fall comes I bring out more color but I just might stick with only fall colors. After watching Rachael Zoe's Project, it was a must to go to the website and see her fall collection. I am obessed with Rachael, she is my favorite Fashion Stylist and I dream being one of her assistants lol.  This years collection is very plain but with an edge to it. She had picked the perfect colors and you can tell every outfit is Rachael.

As Always Stay Classy

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