Monday, August 26, 2013

My 30 Week Update by Kelli Neche'

Since I've been expecting I haven't discussed my pregnancy much with our readers for various reasons. 
Now that we only have 10 weeks left until the delivery of my little boy, I thought I would share my experiences thus far with you all.

It feels surreal to be 30 weeks pregnant and preparing my life for a baby. 
It seems like literally just yesterday I found out I was expecting and now, my shower is three weeks away.
In the beginning I was so anxious to hit certain milestones and now I'm like, where has the time gone?!
It's crazy.
To any expecting mothers out there who are still in the earlier weeks, enjoy them, breath through them and don't  take everyone's advice. I know it feels like once people find out about your pregnancy they automatically turn into an OB-gyn. Trust me, not everyone knows what they're talking about.
Plus, every pregnancy IS different.
Take it from someone who stressed themselves over every little thing and spent half of their day on Google and pregnancy apps trying to figure out if I had a "normal" pregnancy.
It will drive you nuts and your baby feels that tension.
Three of my favorite moments in pregnancy consist of hearing the heartbeat for the first time, finding out what I was having and feeling him move for the first time. So, Sharod and I found out we were pregnant, we scheduled our appointment and I was petrified. For various reasons. We went into the exam room and saw this tiny creature...the doctor hit a button and there it was. The heartbeat. Strong and loud. I swear I cried the entire time. It was the most amazing music I'd ever heard in my life. So many things were running through my head. One of them being fear. There is a PERSON in there. Holy. Crap. 
Originally my boyfriend and I weren't going to tell anyone what we were having until the shower but it was so exciting we couldn't sit on it! We went for our 20 week ultrasound and I was extremely anxious. My leg got to shaking and my heart was racing. Sharod, my boyfriend, kept telling me to RELAX, we'll be seen soon. Of course I rolled my eyes at him because he was clearly just as anxious as I was. The nurse called us in, weighed me (my least favorite part of prenatal visits) and took my pressure. We went into the ultrasound room and my doctor asked if we wanted to know what it was. YES!!!!
Then BAM! He was definitely a boy. No doubt about it. The anticipation was over, "it" has become a "he". My boyfriend just about skipped through the examination room. 
When Jace moved for the first time, I was at my boyfriend's house waiting on him to get off of work and it felt like it was a bird trapped in my tummy! Craziest feeling ever!!! Yet, the most amazing feeling in the world.
I texted my mom, I called him, I couldn't take it. There were major waterworks!
Now that we're in the home stretch and my due date is vastly approaching, my anxiety is flaring up and the stress and pressure are being packed on.
This person that has been badgering my organs for the past 7, almost 8 months now is about to be in my arms and it's a very overwhelming feeling.
Anything you do or don't do could taint this child forever and dictate what type of person they grow to become.

Then there's labor.
Holy Jesus help me to walk into the hospital at 7 cm.
My birth plan: Epidural.
That simple.
I can't wait to hear him cry for the first time.
My advice to newly expectant mothers:
Prepare early. You may think you have time but your pregnancy is not as long as it feels in the beginning.
I've gained more weight than I thought possible in this pregnancy and of course I'm ready to get it OFF but if I would've exercised like I was supposed to in the beginning, I wouldn't have the lovely swollen ankles I've been harboring for the past two months.
Trust Yourself.
I still can't believe I'm going to be someone's MOTHER but I know that God made me one for a reason.
I have to trust Him and my instincts to know that I'll be the best mother I can be to Jace.
It'll be second nature, or so I've been told.

In two weeks, we'll return to the doctor to see how our already personality-stricken son has grown since our 20 week ultrasound and I couldn't be more excited. By then we'll be 32 weeks! Sounds unreal.
I'll give you all another update then accompanied by my photos from my maternity shoot!
After that, there will be some Notorious coverage of Jace's King of the Jungle themed baby shower!
Stay Classy!

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