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Today's Notorious Talent is a very talented women, you've may have seen her doing pageants, modeling or even working on a new line. Here's some information for you viewers that should be looking out for her next line. 

Vizcaya Swimwear is a new line of luxury swimwear created by Lisa Opie. Lisa is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and currently works full time on her swimwear line in Miami, FL. Since its incorporation, Vizcaya Swimwear has had fashion shows in New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Richmond and has been worn by notable figures such as Bridget Marquardt, Arianny Celeste, Miss United States 2012, and many state pageant titleholders. 

CP: What is your name? 
LO: Lisa Opie

CP: What do you do and how did you come up with your clothing line.
LO: I stumbled into my company when I started making my own clothes to model at photoshoots. My friends would see the pictures and ask me where I got my bikinis. When I told them I made it, they
started buying handmade bikinis from me and it got to the point where I couldn't keep up with my orders so I decided to incorporate a line. I am now getting my bikinis manufactured and have an online store! 

CP: Who inspired you to be in Fashion/Modeling? 
LO: I've always wanted to be a model, so I worked very hard to become a successful model despite my height. After working with many designers, I was inspired to design clothes for myself to model! I still like making my own clothes because I create the exact look that I want without searching through stores for hours! 

CP:  What advice would you give to an aspiring designer or model?
LO:  NEVER give up, and work hard!! You have to start somewhere, which means being an extra in a movie or an unpaid shoot but it is worth it in the end. A humble attitude is very important in the industry. Nobody is better than anyone else! 

CP:  If there were one thing that you can take back in your life on how became successful, what would that be?
LO:  I wish I took on more internships!

CP: In your own words what does NOTORIOUS mean to you? 
LO: Fearless and bold 

CP:  Describe your style? 
LO: I'm a pageant girl so I love girly things! Lately I have been obsessed with tribal prints, and in outfit I make sure I wear one tight-fitting item and one loose-fitting item! 

CP:  What goals do you want to accomplish with your business? 
LO: I would love to see my designs on every beach! 

CP:  What is your latest work?
LO:  I am working on my collections for 2014! I can't say what they are yet, but they are going to be incredible!

Some of her work!!!!!

           Be on the look out for her 2014 Swim Wear

As Always Stay Classy

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