Friday, August 30, 2013

Most Notorious Talent by Kelli Neche'

•Please state your name and occupation(s) for our readers.
Alex Cunningham – Mother, Model, Hair Stylist

•What inspired you to become a model?
Modeling was always in the back of my mind. It was a fire that I was afraid to give any fuel to for fear of rejection. I was working retail one day when a woman, a local designer, approached me. She offered to pay me if I modeled some of her clothing and accessories. I felt such a rush after that first photoshoot that I knew and owed it to myself to give modeling a shot. After all, I had nothing to lose!

•How long have you been modelling?
I think I started in 2009. I didn't start pursuing it more aggressively until 2011 though, but all in all, four years! 

•Where do you see your career in five years?
Five years from now, I see a lot of traveling under my belt. I see more publications and shoots, and I see myself signed to a successful modeling agency! Or booming in a thriving salon with a full clientele and just as many publications of my work as a hair stylist! Either way, I’ll be happy.

•Do you have a favorite photographer or photo shoot to date?
I absolutely adore Ty (Ty Pleas Fotographie.) We did a shoot together that focused on my androgynous look with a very boyish wardrobe. I like to different things, and this shoot was definitely something new for me!

We've seen your Rumors shoot and it's amazing! Do you thrift or are you more of a mainstream shopper?
I wish I thrifted, but I don’t have the patience to spot that one good find. I usually do a quick scan and walk out. But I’m working on it.

Describe your style in three words.
I can’t! My style changes with my mood. My wardrobe is truly inspired by feeling. So, if I had to say one thing it would be: DIVERSE ! I try not to over think anything.

•We follow you on Instagram and we love your relationship with your daughter!! With me about to be a new mother I'd love to hear your top three advice ideas you wish someone would've told you!
Thank you!!! She is my mini-me! Hmm…three things I wish someone would have told me about pregnancy:
-That I would lose sleep long before the baby’s arrival. I woke up all hours of the night because I constantly had to pee!
-To take pictures of my growth every month. I regret that I didn't because it would have been a great addition to the baby journal I kept.
-That birthing plans really do help! As silly as this may sound, I spent so much time worrying about the contractions that I completely forgot about the delivery! I literally had a panic attack in the delivery room. It was a nightmare!

•What makes Alexandra so Notorious?

I do what makes me happy.   If I happen to be in with the latest trend, then I consider myself lucky; but it’s never my aim. I know what works for me and I know what doesn't. I've become more confident in myself over the years and I hope that never stops. After all, confidence is the real key to success ! 

Instagram: Alexbby101

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