Sunday, June 9, 2013

You CAN'T Touch My Hair by Kelli Neche'

It's always hard for any Woman of Color to allow her stomach to settle right after someone she has not given permission  to touch her hair fondles her follicles. 
To me it's an issue with personal space, lack of understanding as to why you feel my hair or hair of any Person of Color is fascinating, lastly, I sometimes can't control my reflexes, so don't act surprised if you get chopped.
Source: Village Voice

If you hadn't heard, an exhibition was held in New York City's Union Square with the invitation extended by Antonia Opiah, founder of Un'ruly, that invited and allowed all that passed by to touch her and a few other model's hair. The model's hair consisted of all types, textures, styles and forms of African-American hair, of course with nature of how busy Union Square was that Thursday afternoon, plenty of people stopped to touch. The demonstration was to open Pandora's box and see what the real fascination was and why everyone else is so curious.
Source: Village Voice

The signs read: YOU CAN TOUCH MY HAIR.
I'm just curious as to what the fascination is with African-American hair...
Is it because it's different?
Is it because you don't understand?
Is it because you're a snobbish skeptic and want to "understand" so you can criticize?
I'm confused.
No, you cannot touch my hair.
I am not a petting zoo nor am I a science exhibit. 
Do I ask to touch your stomach because your slim waist intrigues me?
Do I ask to touch your skin because your tan is unbelievable?
Do I ask to touch your car because it looks SO clean?
Then why do you need to touch my hair?
Does the ethnicity of my curl pattern, Brazilian weave, or locs look THAT appealing that you just HAVE to touch it????
Maybe I'm just hair-sensitive. 
Source: Village Voice
The campaign sparked so much controversy and sparked a LOT of media attention. Some positive, some negative.
One of my favorite Natural Hair personalities, Taren Guy, went out to Union Square and you could see via her Instagram that the opinions were strong and the tempers were high.

How do you feel when strangers ask to touch your hair??
We'd love your feedback.
Stay Classy.
Source: Instagram @TarenGuy
Source: Instagram @TarenGuy

Source: Instagram @TarenGuy

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