Monday, June 10, 2013

Pregnancy vs Fashion by Kelli Neche

Since I've been pregnant, shopping hasn't been as fun as it once was. 
The love I have for vintage is being crammed into tubs and crates and I can't seem to find larger clothes that were cute and not frumpy.
Then I bought a Belly Band from Target, that sort of helped with shorts and pants but I'm trying to avoid spending a lot of money on maternity clothes because it'll be five years or so before I wear them again!
Deep Sigh.
Everyone was telling me to just buy dresses with the summer upon us and everything but it was so hard to find dresses that the bump didn't have sitting out so high that if the wind blew all my business was in the street. Plus I don't feel nearly as sexy as I once was. Bummer, right?
Then it hit me, DUH! Pregnancy is one of the most amazing times a woman will ever experience. No use in crying over spilled milk so I took matters into my own hands.
So I decided to visit every fashion and maternity blog I could find, in between bites of course, to grasp some sort of inspiration from women who have mastered dressing the bump. 

And since I like you all so much I decided to share the wealth! 
This is what I dug up..
 Why not look for some bohemian chic "larger sized" clothing to accommodate my growing belly, legs and everything else.

Maxi dresses were also an option until I realized how short I really am. 
Being that I'm 5'1 they're a trip hazard but for you long legged beauties, I found a few things.

Lastly, SOME baby doll dresses will work with your growing belly.
Again, remember your hoo-ha and how you would hate for that to be Marilyn Monroe'd to the world with one gust of wind.

If your feet are swelling, leave the pumps alone. There are plenty of cute flats, sandals, and such awaiting your enlarged piggys. Invest in comfort, not cute so that you can enjoy them even postpartum. Remember sometimes your feet swell and don't go back to your normal 8-8 1/2....somehow I feel an amen in my spirit from this....
Most of the items I posted can be found at your local Normstroms, online and many look-a-likes can be found at XXI, Target and in plenty of your local thrift stores.
Now I leave you with some honorable mentions from one of my Favorite Fashion Mom, Kourtney Kardashian!
Stay Classy!

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