Friday, June 14, 2013

Most Notorious Talent: Part TWO by Kelli Neche'

Part TWO of this week's Most Notorious Talent is one of my FAVORITE models that I've met since I've been in RVa! She was super sweet and humble from the first time we met her and I just HAD to interview her!! She literally has legs like a gazelle and this exotic aura that many models pay for.
Ladies and Gents.
Anett Farkas of FRSHsqueezed.

• State your name and talent for our readers!

My name is Anett Farkas aka FRSHSqueezed! My talent is the ability to spot a good deal at a thrift store with eagle eye precision.

• How long have you been modeling and what got you interested?
Modeling is a new journey for me, I was asked to model two years ago for the first time. Since then I have become more serious with it and I am working on building my portfolio.

• Do you plan on making a career out of it in the future or is this just one of your favorite hobbies?

We will see where modeling can take me, I am planning to present my portfolio to different agencies around the States as well as Europe.

• What model is your biggest inspiration?
I religiously follow Hungarian models because believe it or not they are extremely successful around the world! A few names to take note of are Barbara Palvin, Enikő Mihalik, Sophie Srej and Vanessa Axente. 

• Do you have a favorite photographer? 

My favorite photographer is my partner in crime, Carlos Funn, who I have been lucky enough to work on Frshsqueezed with. I also like to follow some veterans of the industry such as Mert & Marcus, Mario Testino, Annie Leibowitz and up and coming Hungarian photographer Vince Baráti.

• Tell us how FrshSqueezed came about, what is your mission statement or what do you tell people that your page is about?

Frshsqueezed came about as a creative way for me to reflect upon the industry I am getting ready to enter. Our continuing mission is "to explore and to seek out adventures where no blogger has gone before".

• What was the inspiration behind the choosing of the name?

When I am home in Budapest my father would fix me fresh squeezed orange juice every morning. The memories of the winter break were fresh when I started my blog in January and I decided to stick with Frshsqueezed.

• Any big plans for FrshSqueezed in the future?
We have some big things planned but we have to keep them under wraps until some of the partnerships and collaborations are ready to be reveiled!

• Any big modeling gigs coming up that you'd love to share with us?

Just working on my port and maybe some testing in NYC over the summer. I will make sure to keep you posted! 

What makes you and FrshSqueezed SO NOTORIOUS

My international passion for fashion makes Frshsqueezed notorious, bringing a European savoir-faire to the American popular culture.

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