Thursday, June 20, 2013

Most Notorious Talent by Kelli Neche'

The following feature for this week's Most Notorious Talent is a very talented local up-and-coming designer. Notorious Styles has gotten the chance to work with her during this year's Return of the Curls: Curls Gone Wild and are looking forward to working with her more in the future.
You may have heard her name, seen or worn her clothing but we have the inside scoop on her latest event taking place THIS SATURDAY!
Ladies and Gents.
Chrissy Crawford of Runway Couture.

-Please state your name and talent(s) for our readers.

Hi I am Chrissy Crawford, fashion designer and owner of Runway Couture.

-What inspired you to design clothing?

I laugh when asked this because my mother was in fashion design school and headed to Paris when she got pregnant with yours truly so she couldn’t attend.  So I say I was born to do this! Corny but true story, sewing and putting garments together came naturally to me.

-Did you have any second thoughts about starting Runway Couture?

Yes I did and my first plan was to actually open a shoe store but it
turned into ladies apparel and now custom clothing (I will eventually add shoes). It’s always the fear of will it do well and it was such a big investment.  Praise God people are responding well to it and I’m very appreciative of the support. 

-With the amazing success that your business has brought you as well as what's to come, do you have any advice to your younger self?

Absolutely!  Younger self you should’ve saved more instead of shopping your life away lol.  Seriously it takes money to make money and not always do you get the financial return you’re looking for.  Sometimes it comes in meeting great people and finding other opportunities by networking.

-Who inspires your fashion?

I don’t like to follow many trends as I am ok with sweats and a baggy t-shirt however I love both Beyonce and Rihanna (classy vs. edgy) which I believe all women should possess a little of both.

-Tell us about Naturally Haute.

Naturally Haute Fashion and Trunk Show is on June 22 at Brickstone Grill (9826 Midlothian Trnpk).  This event is calling for all fashionista, naturalista, bloggers, models, stylists, designers and anyone who wishes to network while having a good time in a relaxing atmosphere! Local clothing, accessories, health and beauty, and authors will be onsite for one of  kind shopping from 3-6pm.  As well as local boutiques and designers showcasing their talents on the runway at 7pm. National recording artist John Michael will also be gracing us with a performance!!

-How can our readers go about getting tickets?

Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance at Brickstone Grill, BK Music, Lela Mone Styling Boutique (1618 Hull St), and or $15 at the door.

-Any secrets that you're sitting on for the show?

Yes, but you will have to attend to see! 

-Tell us why you and your talent(s) have become and are still So Notorious!

I wouldn’t quite say I’m So Notorious yet but I thank you for your kind words!  I am just very passionate and love what I do!  I enjoy watching ladies put on a garment and feel great about their selves.  I thank God
for giving me this gift and pray one day I can truly say I am Notorious! 

Instagram: @ShopRunwayCouture
Twitter: @MyRunwayCouture

Stay Classy!

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