Monday, April 8, 2013

Rivers Island Collection.....By Chynesha

I am pretty sure you fashionsitas have heard that the Notorious Rihanna has her own clothing line. Now I, Chynesha, am a HUGE fan of Rihanna's style and hearing that she had her own clothing line, I knew I had to check it out. I visited the website and fell in LOVE. H&M, 21, Rumors, and many more stores are out the door in regards to my shopping. Her garments are totally different then what the Fashion Industry is doing, her style is in every piece that she has created. Monday, March 4, 2013 was Rihanna's BIG DAY. She released her River Island Spring collection to seven different cities around the globe. Not only was it a great success but, her online pieces were sold out within a week. You can say whatever you want about her personality, her music, her love life or her style, but this women is successful in everything she does. I will be looking forward for her Winter Collection, until then, here is a sneak peak of her collection.

Her Launch Parties

As always Stay Classy

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  1. I love RiRi, especially her style (I even posted on her a couple weeks ago, but hadn't heard about her clothing line somehow!). She's beautiful, talented and can wear just about anything and any hair style/color. I love the bright yellow dress in this collection, it's one of the few celebrity lines I've seen than I can actually picture the celebrity wearing.