Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pregnancy in Heels by Kelli Neché

Lately Kim Kardashian has been receiving a lot of flak from the media due to her poor choice in Maternity Clothing.
Free Willy?
Can you or your baby breath?
 I actually have to agree.

You can still be sexy, classy and pregnant. 
Her of all people should be aware of that.
Yes, most women feel that since they've gained a few dozen extra pounds that they can't be sexy or feel good about themselves.
This is one of the most amazing times in your lives, 
So what if your feet are a bit swollen, buy a size up and sport them like they're the most comfortable pair of flats that you've ever purchased.
I was watching Style Network one Monday, Mommy Monday, and they were showing episodes of BravoTv's Pregnancy in Heels.

Rosie Pope has some of the CUTEST Maternity Clothes I have ever seen.
Maybe Kim Kardashian needs a Rosie Pope Intervention.

Just Saying.

There are plenty of websites and stores and even HAND-ME-DOWNS from her sister Kourtney that look so much better than the fashion choices Kim has chosen thus far.
Her decisions are getting better BUT I've found a list of websites for all of you Mommy-to-be's out there for super cute and fashionable Maternity wear that you're sure to love!


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