Friday, April 12, 2013

Most Notorious Talent by Kelli Neche'

This week's Most Notorious Talent is one of my FAVORITE jewelry designers and Naturals!
She was always so sweet since the first day that we met her and I was thrilled when she agreed to allow this interview to happen!

      Please State your Name and Talent for our viewers.
My name is Ja’nay Hargrove and I make Jewelry out of corks or remnants of corks.
      What made you get into designing jewelry?
Well, I’ve always been an artistic person. Whether it was making a table and painting it, Painting on canvas, or sewing. One day I decided to stick two paper clips through some left over corks from a party I had. I attached two earring hooks and viola! I had earrings. I went out that day grocery shopping and I could hardly shop because of how many people were stopping me. Everyone said “Are those corks on your ears? How awesome! Where can I get some? How creative! Where did you buy them?”. So from that moment I knew I was onto something. Of course I use a more professional method of creating jewelry than that now, but that was how Jewelry by Janay came about.
      Who inspired you to do what you do?
I’ve always liked carrying myself outside the box. I have never been one to follow trends. So I wanted to create something that could be a trendsetter, game changer, be worn every season with every outfit, and would never become dated.
      I LOVE your cork earrings, have you ever thought of or vended in a wine expo or something along those lines? If so, how was the response you received?
Thank you! – Yes that is all I think about. I have not as of yet but am vigorously working very hard to do so. I know Jewelry by Janay will be a hit when I do so stay tuned!
      Describe your unique jewelry in three words.
A Show Stopper!
      What type of women make up your target audience?
I don’t have a specific audience. Men, women, children, teens, different races, ages all stopped me and currently stop me to compliment me on my earrings.  All my clients rave about the compliments they receive when out and about. Jewelry by Janay is not just for the urban community. I strive to reach all ethnics groups and promote others to accessorize outside the box! 

      Where do you see Jewelry by Janay in 5 years?
In five years I see Jewelry by Janay being made by the bulk by manufactures. I want Jewelry by Janay at every winery I can reach out to. I also would like to be traveling to different cities promoting and selling Jewelry by Janay at wine events. That’s my goal!
      You know we have to talk about your gorgeous hair! What're your top five favorite products?
Wen conditioning cleanser.
Carols Daughters Vanilla spray conditioner
Black castor oil for my scalp

      What's your weekly hair care regiment?
I deep condition once a week and wear my hair in a wash and go style. Every morning I apply a curl soufflĂ© to my damp hair after a shower. 
      Are you completely stoked about Return of the Curls this year??
Completely! This is such a big deal for Jewelry by Janay and also I am ecstatic about the sponsors that will be there. I cannot wait to see the on stage demonstrations and hear curly Nikki talk about healthy hair growth.
      What makes you and Jewelry by Janay so Notorious??
It really encompasses who I am. When you look at my line you see me. It’s art and every artist expresses themselves through their art. Jewelry by Janay is not based on trends so it will always be ‘IN’. I am all about promoting creativity and keeping the inspire to be inspired wheel going. I want everyone to know you can think outside the box and stay “Notorious” while doing so! 

To get in contact with Ja'Nay to purchase jewelry or have her as a vendor at your event, you can contact her at:!

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