Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Workplace Appropriate Hair by Kelli Neche'

After my previous post of Natural Hair vs. the Workplace, I decided to nab some inspiration and ideas for super-cute natural workplace appropriate hair. 
Of course I was totally and completely opposed to the thought of changing my hair for anyone but then I realized that I had a challenge before me,
Challenge Accepted.
My original thoughts were hmmmm......my hair is extremely thick and fragile, what could I possibly do to alter it in a way that won't be damaging but still very appropriate.
Below I have listed 5 quick and easy ways to transform your mane for a more "workplace appropriate" look!

1. The Puff

The Puff is such an easy go-to style for so many of us Naturals as way to fight humidity, avoiding wash day or just being flat out lazy.
Although we try to avoid the puff to take it easy on our edges, it can also be neat and professional.

2. The Pinned Twist Out

If any of you all are like me, you love big hair that makes a statement. This may not always be viewed as "workplace appropriate". A few bobby-pins and some Eco-Styler can go a long way!

3. A Twisted/Braided Updo

I'm not the best at twisted updo's but I have a fabulous stylist that is always one phone call away. Twisted/Braided Updo's are great protective styles as well as moisture maintainers!

4. Add a Bang
Let's face it, sometimes we have three/four day old hair that we are so done with but have no time to wash! Give yourself a bang and a puff to add some spice to that old frizz magnet until wash day.

5. Add a Braid or a Twist

A simple Braid or two strand flat twist in the front of our hair can add some control and neatness to our usually wild crown. Simple day-to-day ideas can turn FIERCE into a FLAME that isn't TOO hot to touch!

A Bonus: Tuck and Roll!
This style may seem a bit complex but it's the old fashion  tuck and roll method. Grab some bobbypins and whatever you use as a curling paste, gel or styler and get to work! Five minutes and you're ready to go!

I hope these photos were as helpful to you as they were to me!
(All sourced from Bing.com)
As always Ladies and Gents,
Stay Classy!

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