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Most Notorious Talent by Kelli Neche

Alright RVa! Our Most Notorious Talent segments are BACK and we've made it worth the wait! 
This week's feature is an amazingly talented woman fresh out of RVa! 
Ladies and Gents,
you can thank me later.

•Please state your name and talent(s)

Bree Davis, but professionally I go by Bree El. I'm a photographer/videographer with a thing-on-the-side with fashion design.

•First I want to discuss your amazing designs! We got to participate in a R.A.I.N. show your bowties were featured in and fell in LOVE! What made you decide to do bowties?

(Thank you!!) At first, my roommate Brian McDaniel and I started making skinny ties -- and still do -- but then being surrounded and inspired by menswear I was really into the look of bow ties. I love the self-expression and character it takes to pull one off. Shortly after making those I then decided I wanted to make something that was more geared towards ladies so I started making bow tie necklaces as well.

•Your fabrics are SO unique! Do you buy the fabrics from a local place or do you transform clothing?

I'm in love with color blocking and mismatching fabrics. I'm also a huge fan of re-purposing, so I will often-times take a fabric that I bought from a fabric store and pair it with a piece of clothing I bought from a second-hand shop and force them to go together.

•You're also a photographer! Notorious Styles loves your work! What sparked your interest?

(Thank you, again!) Well the story goes like this: When I was little, if one Davis kid wanted to partake in something, my mum would sign both of us up for it. So my sister wanted to get into modeling and I was along for the ride. On our first photo shoot the photographer was a blast and we just jumped on beds and frolicked outside. When he was photographing my sister he had me hold the reflectors and help out and I just fell in love with everything he was doing behind the camera and that's when I decided that's what I wanted to do! But now, I will sink my teeth into anything fashion. I love creating images that make people want to look. I spend most of my time immersed in magazines or fashion blogs or art books that I consider it research for anything that I might get my hands dirty with in the future. I rarely turn down an opportunity to try something new, which is how I got into design in the first place.

•Have you already selected a muse for your next shoot and who are your top three favorite models/designers to work with?

ohgosh, there are so many amazing people in Richmond to work with -- so much creative energy. I love shooting artists and artistically minded models that are just willing to go that extra mile for the shot. So with that being said, my friend Michele (Seippel) is always a dream to work with and I always feel so inspired by her mind. Maxwell (Runko) is also someone who not only brings it in every frame but is a great person in general and his character really brings every shot to life. There are also so many fantastic designers in Richmond and I'm so excited to see what everyone has in store for this year! Britt Sebastian always has something up his sleeve when it comes to designing. He knows who he is designing for and has such a sharp eye for what looks good. Any guy could walk down the street in his clothes and every head would turn to get a longer glance at such a well-dressed fella. (if I can also say, Angela Bacskocky is doing such great things as well and I'm so excited for her upcoming line:

•Do you have any upcoming projects you're itching to share with us??

Well lately, I've been really excited about MAKING work and turning digital into physical. I've also been really into using older photos that I've taken, that have never seen the light of day, and making them into new work. With spring just around the corner I have a feeling there will be a rush of new work.

•What's your top three favorite places to shop in RVa?

Need Supply -- but a like, puppy-in-the-window kind of shopping.
Premiere Costumes has such a friendly staff and I get a lot of inspiration there.
U-Fab also has such a friendly staff and I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to fabric shops.

•Describe yourself in two words.

Persistently driven

•What makes you and your numerous talents So Notorious?

Richmond is a pretty small town with people that are always creating and experimenting and I'm so thrilled to be a part of whatever I can, and learn from whoever I can. I think that it's important in any field to stay busy and stay excited and I think that especially when you find what you love, that energy is contagious and people feed off of it and talk about it and they want to help you out as much as you want to help them out. It's so great and just keeps that cycle of creativity going.

As Always Ladies and Gents,
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